Scallops and other seafood are just a small part of the gastronomic wealth of our beautiful region.


Discovering Brittany also implies coming across its culinary specialities and what we produce in the region.

During your stay in the Manor of La Villeneuve, we will share these tasty pleasures with you. So, for breakfast, try ‘far’ and Breton biscuits, pancakes and salty butter, locally-sourced cheese and other delicacies.

Traditional cuisine

seasonal produce and local Breton

The refined and creative cuisine of chefs

Pancake, small restaurant, tea rooms we love

  • Camille et Margot Lamballe Tel: 02 96 31 05 35
  • Au Recommandé Pléneuf Val André Tél: 02 96 65 34 67
  • La moulerie de la Baie, Planguenoual Tél:02 96 32 82 22
  • Ty Coz Lamballe Tel 02 96 31 03
  • Beltane Brocante Salon de Thés Taden Tel:06 80 10 12 58